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This project will contain MSBuild Tasks, Loggers and other related content.

Code related content for the following publications will be published & maintained here:

Some samples and discussions on some of these items can be found at Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi's blog.

Tasks Included - bold indicates new items

Name Description
CreateGuid Creates a new Guid.
JSLint Executes the JSLint, Javascript verifier, on Javascript files. See Example
AddMetadata Allows you to add metadata to an item
AppendString Appends a string with another one
FindUnder Finds and returns files and or all directories (empty or not) under a specified path
GetAssemblyVersion Gets the version from an assembly
GetDate Returns a string representation of the date in a specified format
GetExternalIp Can be used to determine the external IP address of the executing machine
GetInternalIp Can be used to determine all the Internal IP addresses of the executing machine
GetRegKey Returns the value of a registry key
SedoMove Renamed from Move Task to move a file (or set of files)
NUnitTask Task to run NUnit test cases as a part of the build process
ReplaceInFile Can be used to replace specified text in a file.
ReplaceInText Can be used to replace specified text in some text.
SplitText Can be used to split up a delimited string into an array of items.
TempFile Returns the path to a new temporary file
SedoSleep Sleeps the process. Useful for debugging.

Loggers Included

Name Description
SedoLogger An MSBuild logger that will translate the log into a log4net log
EmailLogger An MSBuild logger capable of emailing the resulting log
SimpleFileLogger A simple MSBuild file based logger
XmlLogger An MSBuild logger which creates an Xml file

.NET 3.5 Tasks

Name Description
CreateLinqCode Creates a Linq code file from a database using SqlMetal tool
CreateLinqDbml Creates a Linq code DBML from a database using SqlMetal tool
CreateLinqMap Creates a Linq code map from a database using SqlMetal tool
CreateDatabase Creates a database from the Linq DataContext contained in an assembly

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