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  Sample project file demonstrating the use of the AddMetadata task.
<Project xmlns="" DefaultTargets="Demo">
	<UsingTask AssemblyFile="$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Sedodream\Sedodream.MSBuild.Tasks.dll" TaskName="AddMetadata"/>

		<Files Include="Tester\**\*">

	<Target Name="Demo">
		<Message Text="Files: @(Files,'%0d%0a')"/>
		<AddMetadata Items="@(Files)" Metadata="First=Sayed;Middle=Ibrahim;Last=Hashimi">
			<!-- No way to change the existing item, only to make a new one. -->
			<Output ItemName="NewFiles" TaskParameter="ResultItems"/>

		<Message Text="Test values:%0d%0a   @(NewFiles->'%(First) %(Middle) %(Last)','%0d%0a   ')"/>
		<Message Text="Test values: @(NewFiles->'%(RecursiveDir)')"/>


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